Red like the sea

Little womenAfter a swim in the Red SeaAhh ! Eilat in December is pure joy.

The sun is shining, it’s warm outside but not too warm, and the sea is waiting for you to wrap yourself in it.

Of course i also get the bonus of spending some time with the lovely Lev family. Neomi (5+) continues to impress with her vocabulary and expressional precision and Ya’ara (3+) really likes pasta with cheese! But only if she can put the cheese on it herself.

A little magic blue thing


I found a little magic blue thing with a place for a memory card at one end and a USB- plug at the other end. Now i can finally upload some pictures!

A big thanks to Yochi who owns the little blue thing and to Tami who knew of its existence.

… and now that i can upload pictures, here is Tel Aviv earlier this week:

Sunshine !!!
Sunshine !!!

I think i took 5 different cables with me on this trip: the power cable for the computer, the charger for the camera, the charger for the mobile phone, the USB cable for the i-pod…. and another cable that i thought was the USB cable for the camera, and at the same time i thought it looked a bit different than how i remembered it…

Well, it IS different. And totally the wrong cable. So i cannot upload any pictures… I was looking forward to make some swedes jealous with a couple of pictures from the beach in Tel Aviv but i guess that will have to wait.