Wednesday Jam


I have really enjoyed my own company in the past three weeks. I feel i have been having an experience a bit like being in love, when everything seems wonderful and you are happy about the world and about yourself and think that this is going to last for ever. I feel that i have managed to only (or almost only) show my good side to the people in the workshop, but also that it happened without any effort. It would be nice to be able to hold on to this feeling a bit longer. Now it’s bedtime.

I had a dream tonight about flying, cities in the sand, a wolf and feeling guilty. Today has been a day with no real motivation. I feel like i keep waiting for the moment to come when i feel that the group has gone on or some friendships take form and i am left behind. I wonder why i have this idea that this should happen.

Tree and Snow at Earthdance
Tree and Snow at Earthdance

It has been warmer today, with clowds and some snowfall. I think the past days have been the coldest i have ever experienced, with temperatures below -20 celcius. Some practical issues have also been solved today: i have a plane ticket to Karlsruhe (close to Freiburg) and Stephanie wrote to me on Facebook, saying she can host me and Nina. So in my tired and low- energy state i know that some positivte things are happening that are going to give me support later on.

Jam at the Northampton Center for the Arts
Jam at the Northampton Center for the Arts

Beauuuuutiful day


A walk in the snow, packed and frozen snow, a half frozen stream, going uphill and then downhill, making lunch, getting help from friends, communicating, learning, offering, asking, eating (mmmm), sinking into silence, two in a studio, feeling, digging, squeezing, shaking, brushing, sighing, breathing, thanking, rolling, a third enters, seeing, not seeing, asking, wondering, silence, rolling, squeezing, being squeezed, feeling pain, singing, laughing, talking, singing, laughing, fooling with the piano, singing, feeling tired and content.



So this will be the first post submitted and published using the wireless internet connection at Earthdance! Woohoo ! I am so happy to be here. This morning i was feeling almost nostalgic, remembering how things and places looked the last time i was here, in the summer. Now i feel safe, well placed and quite organized mentally and very tired. I also feel that today i have had a bit more social contact than what i actually can handle but i think i will try to have more time for myself tomorrow to balance it.

I (and the rest of the group) am now one day into Nancy’s workshop. There is a lot of new stuff to process and reflect on. Pods, states and scores. I am trying to write things down, and doing quite a good job so far. Nancy is super clear which makes it much easier to gather the thoughts and ideas and put them on paper. My feelings regarding the workshop (so far… only one day) are just completely positive.

Time for bed now.

Good night.


This is one of the hi tech highlights of my life, sitting with my laptop in my lap (aha ! so that’s why…) and blogging using the wi fi net at Arlanda airport. It makes me thing of the future and TV commercials. I had an extremely effective day in Stockholm yesterday and ran all across the city center. Mervin, if you read this i really had a wonderful moment having coffee with you. And Miri, TODA ! I slept well and hope you could get some more sleep after dragging the bed down to the basement. And i made it in time and all. Now my prepaid time is nearly up. USA here i come….

After the festival

The Israeli Contact Festival is still going on but for my part it is over for now. The four days I spent in Misgav where the Greenhouse took place were very intensive. I feel that it’s easy to lose direction and also lose a lot of energy without really knowing where it went in such big events. We were 200 people and very lovely people too. There were a lot of beautiful moments during these days and also, as always, a feeling of sadness that suddenly appears for no reason. Suddenly you feel lonely, left out or just sad and don’t really know if you want to share it or dive into the feeling. Then after a while, an hour or two or sometimes a bit longer, the feeling is over.

I was fighting a stubborn cold during the whole time and the Sauna, swimming pool and Jacuzzi really helped in that. The rooms where we slept were very cold so now I really appreciate being able to sleep in a warm place.

Ner Rishon

Today is Ner Rishon, the first day of Hanucka. I stood next to mom & dad and we did the little ceremony of lighting the candle and saying the blessings. The best thing about Hanucka is that it’s not Christmass. In fact, the absence of Christmass here in the unholy parts of Israel (Tel Aviv, Agur) feels just great.

Knowing that i am going to be in Freiburg from February until April is of course very exciting but i also feel that i have a lot of Huzpa to make such plans (why work when you can travel around the world and dance?). I feel like the whole adventure is about to start on Tuesday when i go to the north of Israel for the CI festival, or a part of it. For anyone who hasn’t been to Israel and who is into CI or just movement improvisation i can say that there is a lot to do and experience in Israel (mostly in Tel Aviv but even in other places). From Gaga through Five Rythms, to plain old Contact Improvisation. I also like the sometimes more explicit and clear way in which some teachers here lead in introductions and classes.

Bewegung !

I got in 🙂

Very strange… today i felt very happy and at the same time not really able to jump in joy and shout or do those things that people do when they’re happy (but i never really do those things). But anyway, i AM happy and really looking forward to the next few months.

So the plan is: USA in January, then a quick and busy visit to Sweden (leave the appartment, move my things…) and then in February – Freiburg !!