Still in the middle of the second lockdown here in Berlin, Germany. Today is the third of January and it is snowing outside ! The snow is not the biggest whitest brightest heaviest fluffiest purest thickest prettiest….. but it’s snow ! So i think that for those of us who are concerned about climate change and want to change our ways to become more life- supporting…. it is like a little motivating piece of candy.

Here is what i do to stay busy:
I have created (so far) 5 videos that are on Youtube. So video editing is now a new, exciting but also time consuming part of my life. And…. i just added a new page to my webpage so you can browse through all of those videos on one place ! THE LIBRARY IS OPEN !!! Please check it OUT.

I am still teaching online. Tuesdays 10:45 – 12:00 Vinyasa A+ and 12:30 – 13:30 Power Vinyasa, both at Yellow Yoga, at the moment only online.

Starting on the 10.1 i will also be teaching a Vinyasa class at Yoga Sky. Check out their website for details, for now it will also be only online.

Time flies when you edit videos

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