What did i learn 4

Showing week…

Strange schedule, hardly meeting the other people in class, going to school in the afternoon and staying until late at night, very different processes in the different pieces i decided to be part of…

For this showing my wish was to feel more than the last time. To not perform in front of an audience with the feeling that i am just performing a task. I certainly felt more this time, especially in my work with Yannis which was like a study lab for contact, improvisation and feelings. I should remember that i am extremely lucky. This makes me feel a little bit better now in this afternoon hour on a sunday, often a moody time for me, and maybe today more than other sundays. But i am lucky and this week i was able to dive in and swim very deep.

I don’t know what i learned this week. I only know after watching a few videos of myself dancing, from this week and also from before, that i would like to focus on working with higher tonus and learn to move with it.

Thinking of the showing week, i wish i had an idea of what approach i would like to have in the future for the next showing weeks. One idea that i have now is that i should stick to ideas that have a very simple physical ground and from there i can work to find the depth, the emotions… the other way, going from an idea to an emotion to movement. doesn’t seem to work so well for me.

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