Class Flyer & Description: 

Michael’ class encompasses a vast asana practice, pranayama & centering techniques (breathing exercises), meditation, and emphasizes therapeutic applications of yoga. All instructions are intended to help students make deep connections to their true Selves while honoring that their limitations are opportunities to expand, heal and know themselves more fully.

Special attention is given to those with physical limitations and how yoga is both preventative and rehabilitative therapy for physical and mental healing.  The physical practice is both challenging and fun. A playful, light-hearted theme drives each class, which is tailored to the students’ individual therapeutic needs.

Students familiar with alignment based yoga, don’t be confused.  Michael likes to flow once alignment is in place!

Public weekend classes at:

Yoga Etc. Studio

Classes END April 1, 2018


     10:30am - noon

Classes END April 1, 2018


     10am - 11:30am

Classes END April 1, 2018

Private instruction available